Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Friend of Singa (FOS) Post Project Survey 2017

This year, the FOS team has brought to you a series of activities back in Semester 1. The list of activities were:
- Kindness Bear Attack;
- Kindness Mural;
- Kindness Lesson Package (Submission of Kindness Video Competition).

Together with the team of FOS ambassadors, we would like to thank all teachers and students on your support and full participation. Also, we would like to congratulate all of us in the completion of the Kindness Mural. The Mural is now displayed at the noticeboard next to the School canteen.

To end off this year's activity, the team would like to gather students' feedback on the activities conducted and to facilitate reflection and review of the planning and implementation process.

Please click this LINK for the survey.

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