Wednesday, May 17, 2017

[22 May 2017 Programme] School Parent Meeting, Career Day & Celebration of Learning @ SST

Please refer to schedule and programme for next Monday, 22May below (taken from the email from Miss Doreen Tan) . You may refer to the slides we went through this morning for more information. 

Please be reminded that

1. Attendance for career fair in MPH is compulsory.
2. Students must be in FULL school uniform (S&W is NOT allowed)
3. Attendance for Career Talk by Parents is compulsory for ALL S3 students
4. You are required to attend the parent-form teacher conference at ISH with your parents. Please check with your parents the time slot they have booked to meet form teacher so that you can plan your schedule.
5. If you are selected to help out for Celebrations of Learning for Electronics, please check that the timing does not clash with the other events you are attending. 

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