Friday, January 27, 2017

27Jan - Lunar New Year Classroom Activities

1. LNY Classroom Decoration (for external and/ or internal of classroom except noticeboard)

2)Couplets/ greetings and origami must be used as part of the decoration.
3)No obscene language and picture should be used.
4)Use of recycled materials is highly encouraged.

(a) Compulsory:
(i) Origami
Rooster Red Packet:

(ii) Scroll writing
Theme: 猴入水帘清玉宇,鸡鸣曙色亮狮城。

Rooster themed Spring Couplets:

Popular Spring Couplets:

Suggested 4 word LNY greetings:

(b) Optional:

2. Spring Cleaning
On the days immediately before the New Year celebration, Chinese families give their homes a thorough cleaning. It is believed the cleaning sweeps away the bad luck of the preceding year and makes their homes ready for good luck.

SO Sweep our way to Good Luck!

3. LNY Mannequin Challenge (MC) - video (max 1 minute)

1.Class to produce a MC video depicting LNY celebration in their own classroom.

2. Video must include the following:
a) Rooster
b) LNY spring couplets or greetings
c) Spring cleaning
d) Decoration of classroom (exterior only)

3.Duration of video should not exceed 1 minute.

4.Number of entries:1 entry per class

5.Uploading site: Google+ Site (uploaded by Miss Chew)

[Mannequin Challenge Videos for reference:

4. Judging Criteria

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