Friday, January 27, 2017

27Jan - Lunar New Year Classroom Activities

1. LNY Classroom Decoration (for external and/ or internal of classroom except noticeboard)

2)Couplets/ greetings and origami must be used as part of the decoration.
3)No obscene language and picture should be used.
4)Use of recycled materials is highly encouraged.

(a) Compulsory:
(i) Origami
Rooster Red Packet:

(ii) Scroll writing
Theme: 猴入水帘清玉宇,鸡鸣曙色亮狮城。

Rooster themed Spring Couplets:

Popular Spring Couplets:

Suggested 4 word LNY greetings:

(b) Optional:

2. Spring Cleaning
On the days immediately before the New Year celebration, Chinese families give their homes a thorough cleaning. It is believed the cleaning sweeps away the bad luck of the preceding year and makes their homes ready for good luck.

SO Sweep our way to Good Luck!

3. LNY Mannequin Challenge (MC) - video (max 1 minute)

1.Class to produce a MC video depicting LNY celebration in their own classroom.

2. Video must include the following:
a) Rooster
b) LNY spring couplets or greetings
c) Spring cleaning
d) Decoration of classroom (exterior only)

3.Duration of video should not exceed 1 minute.

4.Number of entries:1 entry per class

5.Uploading site: Google+ Site (uploaded by Miss Chew)

[Mannequin Challenge Videos for reference:

4. Judging Criteria

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lunar New Year Celebration on 27Jan (Fri)

27Jan (Fri) is an official school day. Any absence has to be supported with MC or parent's letter.  Requests to be absent from school due to overseas travel should have been emailed to Mrs Chew at least 2 weeks ago. 

Report to school as usual before 7.40am. You will be dismissed around 10am.

Reporting Time: 7.40am  

Reporting Venue: ISH

Attire: You are encouraged to come to school this Friday for LNY Celebrations in shades of red. Alternatively, you may wear the SST School Uniform. Please note guidelines posted on SST Student Blog

Guidelines for attire
I) Bermudas and shorts are NOT allowed.
II) Do not mix school bottoms (pants/culottes) with your red top.
III) You must wear either red (or shades of red) clothes, traditional costume or full SST School uniform

In addition, please note
i. No cross-dressing. No revealing attire.
ii. No objectionable messages or images or words: 
No inappropriate language or picture should form any part of the T-shirt design.

—-No baring of midriff.
—-No strapless tops.
—-No singlet or spaghetti straps.
—-Skirts should not be more than 3 fingers above knee caps.
—-No shorts and hot pants are allowed.

7.40am - 8am Flag raising Ceremony @ ISH
8am - 8.45am Classroom Activities and Spring Cleaning
9am - 10am: LNY Concert @ MPH

Things to bring

a) Storybook for silent reading in morning
b) Scissors (with sharper tips) and other stationeries
c) Decorative materials (recycled materials preferred)
d) Any decorative materials deemed fit.
e) Calligraphy pens (if you have)
f)Rags and newspapers for spring cleaning.
g) Edusave Withdrawal Forms

Please also remember to have your breakfast before coming to school as the canteen will not be opened.

Let's aim to complete the classroom decoration too. The judging is now on 3 Feb (Fri). 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

(Friday 20 Jan) 1150 - 1240 Assembly

(Friday 20 Jan) 1150 - 1240 Assembly

Venue: Auditorium
Pre-OBS Briefing by Mr Jerome Tan

Non-OBS students will meet Mr Stanley Tan to go through their program for Week 4.

Homework for 2017-01-18

(Wednesday 18 Jan) 0740 - 0800

1. Complete The Straits Times Survey

2. Continue with classroom decoration

3. Refer to Lunar New Year Celebrations Slides sent to email. Please prepare what is required by this week as the celebration day is the day immediately after OBS. Perhaps can do that together with the classroom decoration you are completing this week. 

Please remember to continue daily classroom cleaning. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome Back to School =)

Dear S3-02,

Hope you have a fruitful holidays and welcome back to school =)

I am Miss Madeleine Chew, your form teacher for 2017. 

As announced on SST Student Blog post,

You are reminded to be appropriately groomed when you report for school on 3 Jan 2017: 

Male Students

  • Hair must be short and neatly combed
  • Clean-shaven (not allowed to keep facial hair such as beards, long side-burns or moustaches

Female Students – Hair that is shoulder length or longer must be tied up

  • Simple hair accessories such as hand bands, hair clips may be worn
  • Long fringe should be clipped up
All Students                
  • Fingernails must be kept clean, short and unvarnished
  • Attire worn must be clean and neatly pressed with no holes, tears or frayed areas.
  • Click here for more guidelines
Please remember to 
(1) complete revision-remedial worksheets and fun pack: Sec 2 2016Sec 3 2016
(2) borrow/ buy a hardcopy storybook for silent reading during morning assembly
(3) get a working thermometer
(4) get your progress reports signed by your parents/ guardian 
(5) check SST Student BlogSST Sec 3 2017 Google Site and SST email for announcements
(6) accept invitations to be authors of S3-02 Class Blog

Please note that 
(1) diagnostic tests will be held in the first week of school.

(2) back to school service learning programme is on 3 Jan, Tue (planning) and 6 Jan, Fri (service day).

(3) temperature taking is on 6 Jan (Fri). 

Term 1 Week 1 Schedule

Date (Day)
Reporting Venue and Attire
3 Jan (Tue)
Report @ ISH
Attire: SST School Uniform
  • Form Teacher Time
  • Service Learning Project Briefing and Planning
  • (See detailed schedule below)
4 Jan (Wed)
Report @ S302 Classroom
Attire: SST School Uniform 
Lessons: Follow timetable
5 Jan (Thu)
Report @ ISH
Attire: SST School Uniform
Lessons: Follow timetable
6 Jan (Fri)
Report @ S302 Classroom
Attire: SST School Uniform
Temperature Taking Exercise
  • Bring working thermometer

Service Learning Day
  • No recess break. Eat breakfast before coming to school
  •  Only one-way transport from SST to centre.
  • Dismissal from centre at 1245

3 Jan 2017 (Tue), Tomorrow

Report at ISH by 7.40am for silent reading. Please be punctual. Morning assembly starts 7.40am.

Attire: SST School Uniform

Please remember to bring
(1) storybook for silent reading
(2) signed progress report 
(3) rags for classroom cleaning
(4) learning device (LD) for form teacher time and discussion of service learning project
(5) Stationery

Schedule on 3 Jan 2017 (Tue)

7.40am – 8am
Morning Assembly
8am – 8.30am
Principal’s Welcome Address
8.30am – 9am
Video about Food Waste
9am – 10am
Mass Briefing for Sec 3 Back to School Service Learning Programme
10am – 10.30am

10.30am – 12pm
Form Teacher Time
Classroom Cleaning
S302 Classroom
12pm – 2pm
Service Learning Project Planning
S302 Classroom

The above is updated as of 2 Jan 2017. If there are any changes, I will update this post and email you. 

See you tomorrow! =)